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  • Sugar & Lemon – a freshly cooked crepe sprinkled with sugar and then drenched in lemon juice. 

  • Strawberries & Cream – fresh strawberries thinly sliced folded in a crepe and covered with cream. 

  • Bananas & Cream – fresh bananas sliced then wrapped in a crepe and covered in cream.

  • Apple & Cinnamon –finely chopped apple in a sauce with cinnamon mixed add cream.

  • Cheese & Onion –grated cheddar cheese melted and topped with finely chopped onion.

  • Cheese & Ham –wafer thin ham covered with grated cheddar cheese melted.

  • Cheese & Pineapple – grated cheddar cheese mixed with pineapple chunks.

Caffe Eto a new brand of coffee that you woun’t be able to resist.


Caffe Eto is hand roasted in Italy to a traditional recipe, brought to you on shows and events. We sell a variety of exclusive coffees ie. Cinnamon latte, Vanilla latte and Caramel cappuccino, alongside exclusive variety of hot chocolates ie. Turkish delight hot chocolate and Mint choc chip hot chocolate. Caffe Eto has a variety of Danish Pastries but not forgetting it’s Hot Freshly made crepes.